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Chance - India Pale Ale
Wild Leap Brew Co. - LaGrange, GA
Read more: http://www.wildleap.com/our-beers/chance-ipa/

Wild Leap has a great tagline -

Formed by friends and innovators”

The same holds true for the guys who I bump shoulders with here.

I saw this beer and you will have to read my article, The Best 30% Raise I Never Got, to understand why the timing in my life would not allow me to ignore this beer. After making a leap of my own I cracked one of these open to wash down the decision.

It’s clean and has a less intense fruit-flavor than it’s caption suggests. It’s also sneaky at 6.2% I found myself halfway through a six pack before I realized it. The attribute I award to this IPA would be - VERY easy to drink. I gravitate more to the fruity IPA’s which I prefer because I don’t feel like they land me in a hop-cemetery.

I’m certainly no expert, hell I’m hardly a novice when it comes to explaining the depth of the taste. I’ll you what I do know - I’ve purchased 2 more six packs instead of my normal go-to since having it. That certainly counts for something!

Make sure to give these guys the love on IG and always be willing to take a chance.